Adrienne Dorison will be reviewing all applications to determine acceptance for the Whistler Retreat, July 30th thru August 4th, 2017, with the goal of creating a cohesive group of entrepreneurs who understand the importance of strategic power, collaboration and community, and continuous growth and improvement of ourselves and our businesses.

100% of the profit {$1500 per attendee} to The Adventure Project — $1500 supports the creation of a job for 1 entrepreneur. #EarnMoreGiveMore

After submitting your completed application, you will be contacted within 24 hours with more information about your status. Be open, be honest, and good luck!

TERMS: All answers are kept confidential. All final decisions on acceptance into the group are made by Adrienne Dorison. Upon acceptance, you will receive final payment arrangements.
First & Last Name: *

Website URL {if applicable}

Share with me a bit about your business as it stands today {who are you, what do you do, etc.}. *

Time for the real questions to start! WOOO!
What was your gross revenue for 2016? What gross revenue goal would you like to reach for 2017? *

Remember, this is confidential and does not qualify or disqualify you in anyway from this retreat, I just need to know where we're at and where we're going!
What are the three biggest goals you'd like to accomplish in 2017? *

Think: the dream world situation after we wrap up our final group mastermind call after the retreat.

These goals can be internal or external. And don't worry -- you're not locked into these -- but I'd like to have an idea of how I might be supporting you.
What are the 3 biggest obstacles which are preventing you from hitting the goals you have? What’s stopping you from getting where you want to be? *

What areas do you feel you need the most support? *

What 3 skills that if you mastered this year would change your business exponentially? *

Are you a cat or dog person? Got any pets?

Have you met my other half yet? That's Church E. Bear. And no this question has nothing to do with your acceptance for the was just a fun way to break things up here :) and I'm always looking for an excuse to share Churchie's pic.
Why do you want to attend the Whistler retreat? *

Why an in person retreat? Why Adrienne as your coach/mentor? Why now?
If you and I were to meet 6 months from now, what would have to happen both personally and professionally for you to be happy with the progress you’ve made? *

What do you feel you will personally add to this group? Why are you a great addition? {This retreat is a small size mastermind, and I'm looking to partner with the best!} *

Why are you awesome? What resources, knowledge, passion or expertise will you bring? What are your superpowers? For example, my brain is super strategic and I can put together a powerful plan, remove the unnecessary components and get people into I also have a passion for connecting humans to other humans they need to know. Super useful for being the boss around these parts. You'll experience all that soon enough! Your turn!
Are you able to financially commit to the growth of your business with this investment? *

The Whistler retreat is a $6,997 investment, payment plans are available {deposit + 4 payments of $1300}.
Anything else you want me to know? Do you have any other questions for me at this point?

I would like to be considered for a spot at the Whistler retreat.  I’ve honestly completed this application with a open mind. I understand that this application is confidential and I am not guaranteed a space at the retreat. I’m aware that Adrienne may recommend a different program based on my needs and interests. I understand that final payment arrangements for the retreat will be sent after acceptance, and must be confirmed by me within 48 hrs to retain my retreat space. *

Thank you for applying for the Whistler retreat {this says a lot about you already, and you're awesome} -- I will follow up via email within 24 hours about your status after I review your application. I appreciate your commitment to yourself and your business!

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